Moving to Blogger

I am in the process of moving this blog to Blogger. I am finding WordPress to be too constricting for me without paying for the ability to customize, and I am much more able to write my own code in html than php. So if you see posts at that look exactly like my blog word-for-word, it’s because it’s still me.

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Teacher Appreciation Gift

I can hardly believe that right now my son is at his last day of school. His first year went really well, and we are looking forward to next year, even though it’s at a different school. The teacher appreciation brunch is tomorrow, so parents who were wanting to give a gift were asked to have it ready for today. I’m a total procrastinator, so of course I did it this morning. It went surprisingly fast though! I decided cards are always a good thing to have on hand, and everyone needs birthday cards! Here is a set of 9 cards I whipped up (seriously, took an hour and a half start to finish!)

All of these were made with the Die Cuts With a View Celebration paper stack and kraft cardstock, along with brown ink and ribbon from my stash. I am SO HAPPY with how these turned out and I hope Ethan’s teacher likes them too.

I linked this project with these parties

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No Speak Chinese

I bought a spur-of-the-moment toy on Easter. My friend had an awesome flash on his awesome camera, and I asked him how he used it. He showed me, then found me a great deal on a used one online. It came in and it feels so pretty and I feel all professional and stuff.

The problem is, the manual may as well be in Chinese, because I don’t understand a word of it.

I’ve tried Google-ing it and searching for it on Youtube, only to come up with results for practically every other speedlight out there for the Nikon but mine. I feel dumb.

If anyone has any idea on how to use a Nikon Speedlight SB-50DX, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Baby Shower Gift – Turtle Blanket

(I wish I could come up with more clever blog post titles….)

This particular project was one that scared the crap out of me, yet turned out to be pretty easy. It scared me because it 1) required me to do a lot of sewing, including curves (which I didn’t know how to do) and quilting (which I also didn’t know how to do). I was happy with how easy it turned out though! I think this is one of the first projects I have ever done that I didn’t have to redo something because half of it was inside out! Hooray!

I used Simplicity Pattern 2493 and flannel from Joann Fabrics. The pattern shows eyes on the turtle, but they scared me in figuring out how to sew them on evenly, so I figured it was just as cute without eyes. My sister’s mother-in-law made one for my sister’s baby, and the original pattern calls for a layer of fleece inside of the layers of flannel. I opted not to do this as hers was super thick and being used as a rug now, and I wanted something a bit lighter. Plus it saved me about 60% of the cutting time for all of the cute little fringe on each seam. This turtle is heading to Michigan to live with my brother-in-law and his wife, who are expecting their first baby (a boy) in mid-June. I hope they like it!

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Mother’s Day Cards

I am trying to get on the ball a little earlier than normal this year in making cards for loved ones. Mother’s Day is coming up, and I have chosen to make a total of 6 cards: 2 for our moms, 2 for our grandmas, and 2 for our sisters who are new moms this year. So far I have 4 of the 6 done and ideas for one more in my head. Here is what I have so far:

This is the card I made for our moms. I used the Serenade Cartridge for the Cricut to cut the tree and the heart was cut out the old fashioned way with scissors. All of the paper was from scraps or my stash, which I love because I feel like I’m actually using it up!

This is the card I made for our grandmas. I used the Walk In My Garden cartridge for the Cricut, and again all of the paper was either from scraps or from my stash. I really like how the card itself is shaped to look like a beehive. The beehive was also embossed using the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder.

I have an idea for what I want to do for my sister, but haven’t figured out sister-in-law’s card yet. I’m just glad I’ve gotten this far already!

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Painting the Living Room

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with painting my living room. I want to paint it so badly that I have spent a LOT of time imagining what it would look like, and today I even made a mockup. I took a “before” picture, which you can see here:

I had a couple of kids over this morning, and my life is actually a lot easier when there are other kids around. I got that whole section of the living room cleaned and vacuumed today! Hoorah! Anyways, you can see how I chose to paint this room about a year and a half ago. Blue on the bottom half all the way around the room. I loved it so much when we did it, but now not so much. The room feels really saturated on the bottom to me, even when it’s clean. All of the color is in the bottom half of the room and I still haven’t figured out a way to make this look good. My cousin, who is in school for interior design, suggested I paint the whole wall a warm grey. Have I mentioned grey is my FAVORITE color? Seriously, it goes with anything. And it’s not brown. Here is a mockup of what I would like to do:

For one thing, we are stuck with this blue carpet. Loved it when we got it, and I wouldn’t mind it now as long as I can get it to work with the rest of the room. I’m thinking painting the walls grey all the way up, then painting the trim, the plant shelves, and maybe the ceiling (?) white. I feel like it creates a cooler palette that is a bit more consistent and modern.  The ceiling is going to be a pain though, so I need to figure out if it’s really necessary. So far I am loving this idea though! Please leave your feedback and your thoughts, I could really use some help. (PS, the color of the carpet in the second picture is MUCH closer to what it is in real life, not the grey color that is in the picture above).

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