Hello, I Am New Here

Hello everyone. I am new to the WordPress world. Not to the blogging world, but just to WordPress in general. I wanted to start a new blog as I feel like I am starting a new part of my life. If you think about it, even the symbol of a butterfly is a symbol of change and renewal. I have been a creative person for a long time (well, at least I think so) and for the most part this creativity has circled around paper crafting. Over time though, I feel my creativity flowing more toward other mediums. Sewing, knitting, film, photography, and other arts have caught my eye and my heart, and I have begun to explore each of these. I am also recently attracted to living in a more “stewardly” way, with everything from my finances to my possessions to my future. I want to make good use of what I have already been given, and to share a bit of my journey in that. I have several goals I would like to complete in the near future, including figuring out ways to organize my home (and keep it that way!), living a more green lifestyle, and continuing an exploration of my finances and how to help make the most of them, for my family and for others in need. This isn’t going to be a specific type of blog, separated into how-to’s, tutorials, or other very specific things. Instead, I plan on making this a hodge-podge mess of ideas and concepts going through my mind. It definitely won’t be very cohesive, but bear with me. Sometimes it might include ideas stemming from my faith as a Christian. Although most of my life and beliefs are based on Christian principles, I believe that people in general want to do good in the world, and therefore anyone can benefit from reading my blog or feel free to comment on it.  I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it. If you have any insights or ideas to offer, please feel free to comment on anything. I really want this to be an open space where all opinions are welcome. Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!




About butterflyemily

I'm a stay-at-home mom who loves to be creative. Recently I decided to live my life using more recycled materials and green living ideas.
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One Response to Hello, I Am New Here

  1. Jase says:

    Hiya, Welcome to WordPress, I just read your opening post and what you said about the butterfly reminded me of a quote that i like
    “What the catarpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Richard Bach
    Good luck with the Blog 🙂

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