Paint Crazy

What is wrong with me? It seems like this anxiousness/jittery feeling/overwhelming desire to paint has taken over my brain. I want to paint 4 of the 6 rooms in my home so badly I can hardly stand it. I actually bought some “oops” paint from Home Depot the other day. It was in the perfect color for the master bathroom, and paying $5 for Behr Premium Plus paint sure sounded good. The problem is that I am terrible at painting. Usually I would just ask my brother-in-law to do it since he used to paint for a living, but he has a new baby and I feel bad asking for his time. But I want to paint so badly…. Here are the ideas I currently have:

For the master bathroom:

The large toupe-color is the “oops” paint I bought. The sage green is the counter that is already there, and the ivory is the tile and all the fixtures that are already there as well, such as the bathtub and the shower. The brown is as close to the color of the cabinets and wood trim that I could find. I’m not a huge fan of the wood, but my husband really likes it so it will probably stay for now. I’m hoping to eventually paint over with with the same ivory color everything else is, but I think it will take some convincing before that can happen.

For the main bathroom:

The gray color would be the color on the walls. The blue is the color of the counter, and the green is a really pretty accent color. Right now it’s all jewel tones for the decorations, though the walls are the same bone color that originally came with the house. I’m hoping to update this bathroom with a little more style and sophistication. The current decorations are flowers and dragonflies everywhere, and while I do still like this design, it’s a little too reminiscent of my college days in my first apartment/townhouse. Since that was 8 years ago, I think it’s time for an update.

I’m still working on the palettes for the master bedroom and the living room. I do really like the colors we already have up, but they are very dark and saturated, and I want my house to feel a bit more open and airy than it does right now. I plan to stick to all of the same decorations we already have (black and white mostly for the master bedroom, shades of green for the living room) and only change the paint color, then eventually change the decorations over time. I hope my brother-in-law doesn’t shoot me when I paint our living room, since we just painted it about a year and a half ago. Here’s to a happy home!


About butterflyemily

I'm a stay-at-home mom who loves to be creative. Recently I decided to live my life using more recycled materials and green living ideas.
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