21 Day Organization Challenge – Days 5 and 7

Wow, what a week it has been! My goal for the rest of this month was to “wrap up” unfinished projects. I am well on my way! So far I have finished the linen closet, continued in the organization challenge, caught up on Project Life, scrapbooked a few pages from our trip to Harry Potter World in Florida, and finished the baby shower gift for last weekend. I plan to finish another baby shower gift this weekend (even though it’s technically not in the same month), clean up the back yard a bit, turn in our tax stuff to the tax lady, and continue organizing. Yes, this challenge is definitely taking longer than expected, but it’s because it’s going so well! Not only are the things she suggests getting organized, but everything around them too! The tupperware cabinet led to the other cabinets getting redone, the tops of the cabinets are now clear and washed, and even my scrapbooking is getting more organized. The best part was this last weekend when my kids dumped out a ton of stuff from the pantry all over the living room floor on Saturday morning. My husband knew I would be upset at the GIANT mess they made (it turns out they were setting up a “feast” for their stuffed animals; I wish we had a picture!) so he and the kids made it “their project” to empty out the pantry. It became an all-day ordeal with my husband and I working on throwing out all the expired food and wiping everything down and making tons of new room. Hubby also emptied out the lazy Susan and we got to work putting everything back. I finally picked up the pantry organizer and bins I wanted today, so now the pantry is complete!

I’m not completely sold on this organizer yet. I bought it without checking the reviews, which weren’t good. But I figure I will just keep the packaging and receipt and hopefully I won’t have to return it…

Isn’t it pretty? The best idea was hubby’s, which was to put the cereal and snacks for kids where they could actually reach it. Now they get their own cereal in the morning while mommy and daddy get some more sleep. Aaaahhhhh….

We switched use of the lazy Susan to be for cans. Hubby labeled all of the cans on the top with a permanent marker to make it easier to see what each can is. The entire bottom is Progresso Soup. I guess I don’t need to get more any time soon!

Also cleaned out this week was under the kitchen sink. It’s not great, as there are still lots of chemicals under here that I would like to eventually get rid of. I really want to try Shaklee stuff, but I am waiting to hear back from a rep on what the specials are. In the meantime, we’ll keep using these until they run out and replace them with more natural cleaners.

I wish I had “before” shots of these areas in my home, because they were so bad that it would show how far we’ve come. But of course I forgot. There was definite spillage going on everywhere though, along with lost items, open bags of sugar, and a bag of brown sugar that had wrapped around the center of the Lazy Susan. I didn’t know that could happen!

It has been such a wonderful week. I feel very empowered right now at making my home run more smoothly. My plan is to reward myself when I finish organizing my house by painting my living room. I’m working on colors right now, and I’m so excited! Have a blessed week everyone.


About butterflyemily

I'm a stay-at-home mom who loves to be creative. Recently I decided to live my life using more recycled materials and green living ideas.
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