Baby Shower Gift – Turtle Blanket

(I wish I could come up with more clever blog post titles….)

This particular project was one that scared the crap out of me, yet turned out to be pretty easy. It scared me because it 1) required me to do a lot of sewing, including curves (which I didn’t know how to do) and quilting (which I also didn’t know how to do). I was happy with how easy it turned out though! I think this is one of the first projects I have ever done that I didn’t have to redo something because half of it was inside out! Hooray!

I used Simplicity Pattern 2493 and flannel from Joann Fabrics. The pattern shows eyes on the turtle, but they scared me in figuring out how to sew them on evenly, so I figured it was just as cute without eyes. My sister’s mother-in-law made one for my sister’s baby, and the original pattern calls for a layer of fleece inside of the layers of flannel. I opted not to do this as hers was super thick and being used as a rug now, and I wanted something a bit lighter. Plus it saved me about 60% of the cutting time for all of the cute little fringe on each seam. This turtle is heading to Michigan to live with my brother-in-law and his wife, who are expecting their first baby (a boy) in mid-June. I hope they like it!


About butterflyemily

I'm a stay-at-home mom who loves to be creative. Recently I decided to live my life using more recycled materials and green living ideas.
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